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Procurement & Supply Chain

Is your company’s Procurement & Supply Chain ready for the next step, but daily operations often get priority?

Procurement & Supply Chain operations are critical to keep the production and projects moving. Often this operational pressure takes up full team capacity.

The next step is to increase the impact of the procurement and supply chain on the company's success, which can be big, on planning, quality and cash-out.

The next step can be, for example, to restructure the work, train the team, develop category strategies, team-up with sales and engineering, define standard components, update procedures and tools, develop reliable partners or negotiate frame agreements and consolidated deals.

I'm eager to develop the next step and deliver


I offer Procurement and Supply Chain services in various areas of expertise.

Building on the knowledge gained in years of experience, with good references, in a technical & contractors environment.

If you are interested or want to know more about me then please be invited to explore the website or to contact me.

Best regards,

Ir. Jeroen Hes