Hey sales people, listen up!

A sales presentation can be a missed opportunity
(also for the buying party)

How to make sure it’s not? Ask questions and be prepared to listen to the answer, rather than to focus on presenting the whole portfolio. A good sales rep is an excellent listener and feels the need to ask the next question and really wants to help. Opportunities may be close by or perhaps a bit further down the road. Mutual understanding in itself is already encouraging and feeds the interest to work together.

Fair enough, the other side of the table can improve as well. Enthusiastic and confident project managers, engineers and innovators like to join sales presentations, eager to include specific solutions in their design. It’s often not the intention to really understand the supplier’s background and to value the knowledge. Plus, procurement people are generally not that extravert, yet a bit critical, reserved and cautious. So they lean back, wait and see what’s happening, suspecting the sales rep to just want to score a deal.

Missed opportunities…by all involved! Why is this happening with knowledgeable professionals? Is it that the sales rep is too convinced of his or her own value proposition? Is it that the project team is too convinced to look beyond the project solution? Or is it just to ‘never trust a sales rep’?

Maybe, but I promise to be open and will urge my side of the table to do so as well. Ready to ask the next question, to listen, to share and to discuss interesting solutions. Can you, sales rep, do the same?

See you at the table!